Tunedly musician marketplace launches


Tunedly: “evening out the playing field and decentralising the industry”

A new online platform now makes it possible to enlist hundreds of session musicians and manage remote studio recording projects

Online music collaboration marketplace, Tunedly, has now officially been launched, offering access to hundreds of vetted, professional session musicians through an integrated online portal. Tunedly users and their new connections will be able to produce studio-quality music and manage projects with several session musicians through one single interface.

According to the team behind the tool, “The traditional methods of creating a full song production with several session musicians can be an incredibly frustrating process, taking months to complete. Tunedly is finally changing how we produce professional music, innovating the last untouched piece of the music industry. And by doing so, we make professional music production more accessible to creators who were previously not able to make music at industry standard. We’re evening out the playing field and decentralising the industry.”

An acoustic guitarist, bass guitarist, drummer, vocalist, and mixing engineer can work together through the platform, communicating through live chat and video with the project manager. Tunedly’s new marketplace combines features from platforms like Skype, Dropbox and Slack, providing an optimised experience for music collaboration and each artist can stay on top of what the other has recorded, similar to a physical recording studio experience.

Find out more by watching the video below and visiting tunedly.com

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