‘Reckless’ by Lowla (Single)

Reckless by Lowla

Lowla: Reckless mixes deep synth lines with an infectious percussive beat

Caught in post-breakup claustrophobia? This synth-pop number will give you the strength to show your former lover two fingers

Reckless by LowlaSynth-pop duo Lowla have been pegged as an act inspired by all things 90s, including, among others, Levi’s. Well, there’s nothing worn about their debut single Reckless, which throbs and hums with life.

Taking the topic of broken relationships as it’s theme, you might expect that this would either be three-and-a-half minutes of seething vitriol, or tumbling sadness. Instead the duo are intolerant of such trifling emotions, and imbue their brand of synth-pop with the sort of punk attitude that will have you refusing to be held down by rejection.

Mixing deep synth lines with an infectious percussive beat, Reckless will see indie-clubbers spilling their bottles of Pabst Blue Ribbon, as they race from the bar to the dance floor and attempt to prove they have the whitest socks and finest Dr. Martens.

Verdict: Infectiously intolerant synth-pop

Damien Girling

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