EXCLUSIVE! ‘What Do You Want’ by Dagmar


Feast your ears upon this exclusive track from indie-pop act Dagmar

In the second of this week’s exclusives, we bring you a track of indie pop loveliness that’s straight outta Iowa

Coming from a town where most people never really meet, but just know each other, Dagmar’s core members Gemma Cohen (vocals, bass) and Miranda Mallard (vocals, keyboard, guitar) have known eachother since they were children, but had to wait until their college years to become bandmates.

It was during a mutual friend’s birthday party that the seeds of Dagmar were sown, as Cohen and Mallard found themselves in “a secluded corner learning the classical Flower Duet” from Léo Delibes opera Lakmé. Last June, nine years on and after adding Dana T on guitar and Justin LeDuc on drums, Dagmar released their debut album Afterlight.

What Do You Want is the second single to be released from Afterlight and the band explain that it’s “focused on the point in a relationship when something has died. It is the phase when you are still in the relationship because you have not found the courage or clarity to actually get out.”

Directed, edited, and and co-produced by Alana Waksman, and also co-produced by Donald Revolinski, the concept for What Do You Want’s video is the “disorientation, confusion, suffocation, hurt, fear, and finally, determination to get out” that comes from a dead relationship.

Musically, the influence of Philip Glass has been noted, while the band have seen their style deemed part of the indie-pop revival. We think that fans of Bat For Lashes will find much to enjoy in What Do You Want’s moody grace, while those with a fondness for dream-pop trio Au Revoir Simone will be similarly taken by the track.

As always though, we’ll leave the final assessment to your trusty ears…

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