‘Ruiner’ by We Came From Wolves (Single)

Ruiner by We Came From Wolves
We Came From Wolves

We Came From Wolves: Ruiner is so catchy that it’ll still be in your head a week after first hearing it.

In need of an alt-rock track that’s punchy and catchy? Then look no further than this Scottish quartet’s new song

Ruiner by We Came From WolvesBursting out of your speakers with an angular slice of alt-rock, this Scottish quartet have been likened to two of the biggest hitters currently occupying the rock arena. The question is: can they do such claims justice?

Biffy Clyro and Arctic Monkeys are the two artists in question and it’s the latter to whom We Came From Wolves bear the most immediate resemblance, with this being made plain in a punchy guitar line that sounds like Alex Turner auditioning for Hard-Fi. It’s not long before the Biffy Clyro eureka moment dawns, courtesy of vocals that make no attempt to mask the group’s Scottish origins. The song’s remainder is happily alt-rock in its tones, though, at the genre’s more mainstream end.

In truth We Came From Wolves are ill-served by comparison to two of rock’s loftiest stadium fillers, as while Ruiner is an enjoyable song, it lacks the sense of insouciance that’s marked the best of Arctic Monkeys and the catharsis that runs through Biffy Clyro’s finest moments. It’s not all gloom though, and We Came From Wolves should take much heart from the knowledge that Ruiner’s main riff is so catchy, it’ll still be in your head a week after first hearing it.

Verdict: Punchy and catchy alt-rock

Damien Girling

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