‘Eyes For You’ by EMILIE (Single)

EMiliE ‘Eyes For You’ single cover

EMILIE: a youthful, Edinburgh-based synth-pop songwriter

With her latest release, EMILIE demonstrates her skill for creating darkly seductive synth-pop that’ll have Princess Chelsea fans positively purring

EMiliE 'Eyes For You' single coverOn her new single, youthful, Edinburgh-based synth-pop songwriter EMILIE – also known as Emily Atkinson – is full the sort of moody melodies and deep chords that will delight fans of Banks, London Grammar, Jessie Ware and Princess Chelsea.

The first thing that strikes you about Eyes For You is its depth; dip your toe into its darkly seductive synth tones and you might just drown. That, though, is no bad thing. In fact, once immersed you’ll discover that EMILIE’s vibe is so dreamy and melodic, that it replicates the sense of weightlessness that comes from an oxygen-deprived descent into the abyss.

Eyes For You might not be heavy on hooks, but what it lacks in spice it more than makes up for with its chimerical fuzziness. The song is taken from EMILIE’s debut EP I See You In The Darkness and if it’s anything to go by, then dreampop might just have found a new synth champion.

Verdict: Woozily affecting synth-pop

Damien Girling

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