‘Give You Up’ by Marie Munroe (Single)

Marie Munroe

Marie Munroe has filled arenas in her home country. Will she in yours?

Marie Munroe shows us just why she’s a multi-Grammy Award nominee, with the synth-drenched tones of her brand new single

Marie-MonroeOpening with a deep synthesizer hum and clicking percussion, Give You Up has Norwegian songwriter Marie Munroe sounding in a seductive mood. Though the lyrical topic doesn’t quite twine with the tone, as Munroe opines “with the rest of my heart I’m gonna give you up,” that does nothing to dampen the attraction to her neo-Kate Bush approach.

Give You Up feels like a time capsule from the deeply forlorn synth-pop of the 80s, one that you would adopt as your own as the dying embers of love freeze and the chill of isolation bites your bones. Its greatest strength is the subtlety behind its infectiousness, as it slowly draws you deeper and deeper into its dark melodies.

This year, Munroe embarks on a sold-out arena tour in her Norwegian homeland and releases her fourth solo LP Under My Skin. If Give You Up is anything to go by, it would come as no surprise if she ends 2016 as a sell-out artist further afield.

Verdict: Darkly addictive synth-pop

Damien Girling

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