‘The Darkest Night’ by Mustii (Single)


Mustii: goes all Depeche Mode in his approach

Feeling as though there’s just not enough synth-pop in your life right now? Then give this superb track a listen

MustiiMustii is a young artist from Brussels. Having trained as an actor and now working as stage director, the multi-talented Belgian offers up a flavour of the 80s with a soulful touch.

Opening amidst vocal hums, you feel at the outset that The Darkest Night could be another of the PBR&B crew. That sense is short-lived though, as Mustii goes all Depeche Mode in his approach by throwing in some deep and throbbing synth lines. Adding enough clicks and bleeps to appeal to the more mainstream crowd, the song ends as abruptly as it began seductively.

The Darkest Night is light on vocal lines, with Mustii using his voice more as an instrument than a means to air his views. Though this has a slightly disarming feel, it has the effect of drawing your attention strictly to the music and, once it does, you’re hooked.

This is a slice of synth-pop with enough appreciation of the past to satisfy the classicists, and the requisite awareness of the present to draw in those who turn their nose up at revivalism.

Verdict: Sleek and smooth synth-pop

Damien Girling

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