Out Of Touch In The Wild by Dutch Uncles (Album)

Dutch Uncles – Out Of Touch In The Wild

Dutch Uncles

Dutch Uncles join the celebrated company of Grizzly Bear and Everything Everything, with an album of studious indie pop craft

Dutch Uncles - Out Of Touch In The Wild

utch Uncles third album could not arrive better timed. Just as they’re honing their kinetic, idea-packed style, the same breed of clever but enjoyable indie pop is all the rage. Everything Everything are possibly the most extravagant exponents of this. Though, perhaps a better comparison for this album would be Grizzly Bear, in the way its compositions soar and dip.

However, the band possesses a sound all of their own, one of anthemic, synth pop characterised by driving bass, motorik beats and swirling chords. This sense of identity is a welcome consistent throughout Out Of Touch In The Wild. Lead single Fester, which is built upon a on a mantra-like, chanted lyric, is the albums highlight, with Flexxin also a particular treat.

The whole experience flies through at pleasingly frenetic pace. Despite the studious care of its crafting, singer Duncan warns, “it’s still an album to be listened to with pop ears, and not to be considered as an overblown prog-math-rock-bloody-time-signature ideology.” Sound advice, as Out Of Touch In The Wild holds its own in the indie pop masterclass of 2012.

Verdict: Another jewel in 2012’s indie-pop crown

Matthew Nicholson

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