EXCLUSIVE! ‘Puzzle [Acoustic] EP’ by Rashmi


Rashmi presents the acoustic version of her ‘Puzzle EP’ just for Songwriting readers

A return to our Monday exclusive slot for Brooklyn-based Rashmi, as she unveils the acoustic version of her ‘Puzzle’ EP

Regular Songwriting readers will remember that back in September, we premiered the lead track from the Puzzle EP by New York-based singer-songwriter and actress Rashmi. Well, Rashmi is about to drop an acoustic version of the EP, and we’re delighted that she’s once more chosen to share it with Songwriting readers first!

As Rashmi’s also featured in our Introducing… slot we won’t rehash the finer details of her career to date right now – you can just click the links. Instead, we’ll just tell you that she says of the EP merely that “Sometimes the ups and downs of life feel like a puzzle to which you don’t have all the pieces or clues.” Kinda cryptic, but then we guess that’s only appropriate!

The hype sheet recommends this one “for fans of” Patty Griffin, Kate Bush and Natalie Merchant, but as ever, you can make your own mind up…

Like that? Then find Rashmi on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or at her own website.

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