Introducing… The Deslondes

The Deslondes
The Deslondes

The Deslondes: a band of five songwriters who mine American roots music to forge their own sound

The Deslondes are a five-piece who blend styles from folk to blues to create a sound all of their own

Name: Sam Doores (vocals/guitar), Riley Downing (vocals/guitar), Dan Cutler (vocals/bass), John James Tourville (vocals/pedal steel/fiddle) and Cameron Snyder (vocals/percussion)

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Style: The crossroads where folk, country and rhythm and blues all meet

Look out for: Their self-titled debut album is out now

Sam Doores, Riley Downing, Dan Cutler, John James Tourville and Cameron Snyder are The Deslondes, a band of songwriters who mine American roots music to forge their own sound. A random meeting at Oklahoma’s Woody Guthrie Folk Festival became an annual jam at the same event before they all ended up in New Orleans. The Deslondes eventually formed from various other groups such as The Tumbleweeds and Hurray For The Riff Raff and they named themselves after the street in the Holy Cross neighbourhood of the Crescent City where they finally came together.

With five distinct songwriters it is perhaps no surprise that they span genres from honky-tonk to rock ‘n’ roll. Vocalist/guitarist Riley Downing explains the process, “We all pretty much write on our own and then come together. That’s partly why we formed this group, because we all had different songs we could use,” he says. “We just leave it open and encourage everybody to bring something to the table.” The resulting self-titled debut album is brimming with talent and is definitive proof that their democratic approach has paid off.

Having spent a long time on tour in the States, the band are about to bring their live shows to Europe, and it’s clear that they’re excited. “I’ve been looking forward to this all summer,” says Riley. “For us that’s the reward for touring theses last six years. I finally get to go over there and share what we’ve been doing over here.” Anticipation is high to hear this musical melting-pot do their thing on this side of the Pond.

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