Exciting new songwriting contest to launch next year

RVL Productions
RVL Productions

RVL’s panel at the production company launch event (left to right): Eska, Rob Luis, Sam Hall and Patrick Butterfield

UK songwriters pay attention, because 2016 will offer you the chance to enter a songwriting competition offering a £50,000 prize

That’s right you read correctly, £50,000. Earlier this month a new television production company, RVL Productions, began with the aim of creating a songwriting competition that will pay the winner more than the International Songwriting Competition, the World Wide Music Contest, and the Mercury Award combined.

It’s not just from the biggest prize for songwriting worldwide that you songwriters stand to benefit, with the ethos of RVL Productions’ competition steeped in a songwriter centric approach. This comes through their promise to empower songwriters of all backgrounds, as well as the creative minds and equipment behind great songwriting. RVL Productions don’t require entrants to have a recording contract and will impose no such obligations upon entrants. Instead they are looking for dynamism and creativity in music as their entry criteria.

Unlike X-Factor the desire is not to line the pockets of music mogals, but to play a role in the development of songwriters and as such RVL Productions’ competition will also offer contestants in-depth mentoring and coaching for contestants. This mentoring has already begun, with video resources from their launch event last week soon to be available on RVL Productions’ website.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s not. RVL Productions expect 2016 to be a big year for them, one in which they take their songwriting competition to national TV broadcasters. They also expect it to be a big year for you songwriters, as you will be invited to enter their competition in the summer of 2016. Watch this space.

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