‘White Reaper Does It Again’ by White Reaper (Album)

‘White Reaper Does It Again’ album cover
White Reaper

White Reaper: a quartet of garage punks from Louisville

White Reaper’s debut album is a spirited collection of garage punk songs which owes a debt to the genre’s past

'White Reaper Does It Again' album coveron’t let the title fool you, White Reaper Does It Again is the debut album from this quartet of garage punks from Louisville, KY. Yet somehow the title seems apt, a brash statement of intent that perhaps acknowledges how much this album owes to trailblazers of the genre such as The Ramones, and even The Who.

All the scuzzy, sweat-drenched hallmarks are apparent from the opening guitar of Make We Wanna Die (listen below). The addition of Ryan Hater’s keyboards works to further muddy the vocals and rhythm section, and dominates on tracks like I Don’t Think She Cares and Pills. Guitarist-singer Tony Esposito has a perfect voice for this material – a rasping display of youthful affront.

Throughout, you can’t help but feel like you’ve heard some of these songs before. This both works in the band’s favour, the immediacy of B.T.K, Sheila and Friday The 13th makes them instant classics, but with On Your Mind they sail very close to The Who’s The Kids Are Alright.

It might just be that White Reaper do this style of music so well you’re mistrustful of its origins. One thing is for sure, this is a debut album which bursts with energy and spirit and demands your attention.

Verdict: Dynamite-fuelled garage punk

Duncan Haskell

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