EXCLUSIVE! ‘Cecilia’ by Gilmore & Roberts

Gilmore & Roberts
Gilmore & Roberts

Gilmore & Roberts have been nominated twice at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards

We love a good exclusive at Songwriting, and tonight’s, from the British folk duo Gilmore & Roberts, is no exception

he only thing we like more than hearing an exclusive track from a quality artist is being able to share it, and rolling in tonight is a smooth folk number from Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts, better known simply as Gilmore & Roberts. Entitled Cecilia, the track is taken from the pair’s upcoming fourth album Conflict Tourism, which is out this September.

Conflict Tourism comes after a year of touring across mainland Europe, Canada and the UK, and takes its name from the struggle between the conflicting issues that underpin our everyday lives. Katriona says of the album: “Conflict is universal – everyone, everywhere, experiences it every day, in its smallest forms. We liked the idea of being tour guides through a minefield of different decisions and drama.”

Jamie adds: “And good tour guides are passionate about what they’re showing you. They’re not detached from the subject. It’s personal – it’s people and stories. That’s the starting point for every song.”

‘Personal’ and ‘passionate’ are certainly qualities that Gilmore & Roberts bring to Cecilia, with the duo imbuing their songwriting with the same intimacy that Ed Sheeran brings to his award-winning work. Little surprise, then, Gilmore & Roberts have been nominated twice at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

If you’re a fan of finely crafted folk then we think you’ll love Cecilia. But don’t just take our word for it, hit play below and dedicate a little of your time to Gilmore & Roberts…

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