EXCLUSIVE! ‘Travelling Man’ by Tony James Shevlin

Tony James Shevlin Promo 1
Tony James Shevlin Promo 1

Today’s first exclusive is from the brilliant, Tony James Shevlin

Our second exclusive of the day is brought to you by a sublime, Anglo-Irish Americana songwriter we’re sure you’ll adore

Next month, Anglo-Irish Americana songwriter Tony James Shevlin releases his latest album, American Odyssey. Ahead of the release of that record, we’re bringing you lucky people a track by him, in our second exclusive of the day.

Speaking of the song, Travelling Man, Shevlin had this to say: “I was driving through Texas from El Paso to Amarillo when the idea for Travelling Man came into my head. I switched on my little digital recorder I had sitting on the passenger seat and started singing: “another day, another town on this road that I’ve been running down.” The melody and the lyrics came to me pretty much in one go.”

Continuing: “For weeks when people asked me did I have a band with me, I would answer: “no, just me, a car and a guitar.” So I knew that line had to make the final cut. This song, more than any other on the album sums up the epic journey through 17 States, 21 cities, and 11,000 miles that made up my American Odyssey.”

He’s been recommended for fans of Celtic-infused Americana, but we also think that those of you who enjoy Don Gibson and Marty Robbins (one of Shevlin’s influences) will enjoy Travelling Man. As always, though, we’ll leave the final assessment on that up to you…

Like that? Then find Tony James Shevlin on Twitter, SoundCloud, and Facebook, or at his own website.

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  1. Syd Boyton

    Absolutely brilliant song writing!

    I feel as though i have hit the highways of the U S of A with TJS!!

    I look forward to buying the album and driving in my car with the tunes up loud to accompany a sunny day…

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