‘Gush’ by Kill West (Album)

Kill West ‘Gush’ album artwork
Kill West

Kill West: their experimental guitar riffs and bass lines form landscapes across the music

Straight Outta Argentina; this four-piece are looking to build upon the exposure that their debut album received with this follow-up

Kill West 'Gush' album artworkKill West’s first album attracted the attention of Consequence Of Sound and The New York Times – an impressive feat for a rock band from Buenos Aires. But the band have more to offer than basic rock licks and grooves, as their latest record Gush sets out to prove.

Kill West is: Martin Valentini (guitar), Joel Menazzi (bass), Fran Beceiro (guitar and vocals) and Octavio Bermejo Villarreal (drums). Together they create a hazy sound, with good vibes coming in trips and drones. Their experimental guitar riffs and bass lines form landscapes across the music, that will send you into a trance.

Opening track, Faces, kicks in with vigour, like the sort you’d expect from The Rolling Stones. With its cocky guitar riff, the song has an unmistakably 60s garage rock sound. The unrelenting guitar attack continues into This Daze. The vocals are swamped in a scuzzy, fuzz of noise and the momentum quickly builds.

However, by the fourth song Garden Of Eden you will be checking your watch. As far as songs go, they are all good individually. However, put together in one package, they become a little samey.

It’s a huge shame because these guys ooze style, but it feels like something is missing. Maybe it’s that they should be pushing their musical abilities slightly further into uncharted waters.

Kill West can separate your body and mind, but they haven’t figured out how to prolong the out-of-body experience.

Verdict: Starts with the best of intentions, but fizzles out

David Chrzanowski

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