EXCLUSIVE! ‘Geography: Part 1’ by Town Meeting


Today’s first exclusive is from the wonderful, Town Meeting

Today’s first exclusive is from a superb, US folk/rock quintet who have shared the stage with a true songwriting legend

You folks are lucky. Not only are we gifting you with two exclusives today, but the first is an EP that comes courtesy of a New Hampshire/Boston, folk/rock quintet who have played alongside Tancred, The Avette Brothers and Jill Andrews, Third Eye Blind, oh, and Bob Dylan.

Comprised of brothers Luke (vocals/guitar) and Russ Condon (vocal/cajon), Dean Adrien(vocals/lead guitar), Tim Cackett (guitar/bass/mandolin player) and Soul. Brendan “Babe” Condon (vocals/harmonica/percussion), the group have a harmonious take on folk/rock that’s rooted in the genre’s 60s’/70s’ heyday.

They’ve been kind enough to give us exclusive access to their upcoming EP, Geography: Part 1, which is released on 28 July 2017. Speaking of their EP, the band said:

Geography: Part 1 sets the ground work for the whole Geography series, and what a lot of our songs are about when you strip everything else away. It’s about the ever-present battle in our minds between leaving and staying, and the mess of emotions, the reasons, and consequences that come with either one of those choices. And essentially it’s about coming back home. Going out and venturing into the unknown, yes. But also coming back. Both in a metaphorical sense and a physical one. Our single, West Of Seattle, sets the mood for that.”

They’ve been likened to The Avett Brothers, Dawes and Crosby Stills Nash & Young. We think that’s pretty much spot on, but think that fans of Fleet Foxes and The Byrds will also love Geography: Part 1. As always, though, we’ll let you decide by listening to the link below…

Like that? Then find Town Meeting on Twitter, SoundCloud, and Facebook, or at their own website.

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  1. Sheila

    Big fan of Town Meeting. I play their music non-stop. Love every song and love EVERY SONG also! : ) I’m torn between sharing and spreading the word…and wanting to keep them all to ourselves, though I guess that would be like trying to keep a tidal wave from reaching shore.

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