EXCLUSIVE! ‘This Is What It Feels Like To Die’ by Jack Carty

Jack Carty
Jack Carty

Tonight’s exclusive is from the excellent Jack Carty

Tonight’s exclusive’s from an Austrailian songwriter who’s fresh from a summer spent sat atop Australia’s AIR and Select Sales charts

Brisbane based troubadour Jack Carty has spent the summer bothering the upper most reaches of Australia’s AIR and Select Sales charts. Tonight he’ll be taking residence in your ears, courtesy our exclusive access to his song This Is What It Feels Like.

Of the track, which is taken from his new album Home State, Carty says: “This is a song about hope. It was inspired by the idea that if you aren’t busy continuously learning, growing and (in a sense) being reborn; you are busy dying. I think that’s a wider theme across the whole of Home State. This Is What It Feels Like To Die is one of the more melancholy expressions of it, and one of my favourite songs from the album.”

He’s been likened to Bob Evans, Dan Parsons and Boy & Bear. We think that Jordie Lane and Darren Hanlon can be added to those too. Listen below, though, to agree, disagree or decide on your own comparisons…

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