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El West
El West

The vocals on ‘Olivine’ recall John Rossiter from the magnificent indie-rock quartet Young Jesus

Tonight’s exclusive is from a superb US alt-rock band who have been likened to some of the genre’s true greats

Following on from their excellent February single Marauder, Phoenix-based alt-rock group El West are back with their new track Marauder and with it recall one of the most well loved indie-rock acts of recent times.

Formed last year, the band is comprised of the brothers Bryant and Ricky Powell on vocals/rhythm guitar and bass respectively, with Thomas Brenneman handling lead guitar and Marty Welker on drums.

Olivine features on the band’s upcoming self-titled EP and of the track Bryant says: “Olivine is about the want for freedom and the escape from the ordinary and mundane. We tried to really invoke that feeling with not only the lyrics but also a sweeping composition that builds until it crescendos right before the lyric: You’re always stuck between the same four wall in your city. That’s the underline meaning to it and with help from our producer Cory Spotts we achieved something that we are really excited about.”

They’ve been likened to Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, Elbow and The Roots. However, Bryant’s vocals have us thinking immediately of John Rossiter from the magnificent indie-rock quartet Young Jesus. As always, though, we’ll let you decide on that one…

Like that? Then find El West on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud or at their own website.

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