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OUTLYA: “We make the music that we want to make without worrying too much about keeping up with the zeitgeist”

This talented trio have the bombastic pop tunes to match their ambition, it’s a potent formula which should guarantee success

Name: Will Bloomfield (lead vocals, keys), Willem Olenski (guitar and backing vocals) and Henry Kilmister (drums and backing vocals)

Age: 25, 24 and 25 respectively

Location: London

Style: Bold and uplifting singalongs

Look out for: Volcano EP, out now.

Since 2015, London-based trio OUTLYA have been on a mission to make bombastic pop music that provides fans with a palpable sense of escape. On the merits of early singles, Howl, The Light and Heaven (collected alongside new track Volcano on an upcoming EP of the same name), it’s clear that they’re already succeeding.

Lead vocalist Will Bloomfield is also the group’s main songwriter. “I try to keep the process fresh every time,” he says. “Songs come in all kinds of ways. Some days they start as a beat I’ll build up on my laptop and some days they come from a more traditional source like sitting at the piano.” Will continues, “I’m a real believer in the vibe/feeling of a piece of music, so I’ll build up the track and try to create a real dense environment that I can then attach an emotion and lyric to.”

Having experienced life in other bands, the trio have drawn from past mistakes and lessons learnt. “With OUTLYA, we make the music that we want to make without worrying too much about keeping up with the zeitgeist,” says Will. “The beauty of hindsight really gives you a confidence to try all the things you couldn’t even fathom before. So now we’re not too scared to throw a brash guitar solo or bold sonic shift into our songs.”

There is also a shared love of artists such as Kanye West, The Beatles, Radiohead and Rihanna – those who are able to morph and challenge the listener whilst still making incredible music. It’s all there on Volcano, whose four tracks showcase a dazzling and transformative style of pop music and is all the proof anyone can need that OUTLYA are serious contenders.

Interview: Duncan Haskell

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