EXCLUSIVE! ‘Gone Away’ by RYNO


It’s not just his famous associates that have brought RYNO success

Our first exclusive of the week is a slick blast of indie laced synth-pop from the skilled US songwriter RYNO

Opening for music royality is one of the dreams of every songwriter. It’s not every writer who gets to truly live their dream, but North American musician RYNO is one of the lucky ones, having opened for Sir Paul McCartney at the main stage of the Hard Rock Calling Festival in London.

Growing up in a Western New York family of folk rock musicians, RYNO had music in his veins from birth. Adopting a more electronic feel than might be expected of someone of such a background, it’s not just his famous associates that have brought RYNO success: he’s won VH1’s Save The Music Foundation’s Song Of The Year and his single Stars In The Sky, trended to #1 on YouTube in Denmark and Finland.

Gone Away is the third single to be released from his upcoming album The Pervade, which is out this autumn/fall. Speaking of the song, RYNO’S message is that he wants you to: “hop aboard…where stars dance in harmony and flashing lights shroud our view of the unknown!”

RYNO has been likened to Capital Cities, St. Lucia and FUN, among others. We think that there’s also just a hint of Pet Shop Boys’ synth-pop brilliance in his music. As always, though, the final decision is down to you…

Like that? Then find RYNO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or at his own website.

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