5 minutes with… Lawson’s Andy Brown

Andy Brown
Andy Brown

Andy Brown: “I’m always evolving, changing production styles, trying new things.”

The disbanded pop group’s frontman talks about going solo and the creation of his infectious blend of homegrown rock-infused country

Andy Brown rose to fame back in 2012 as part of the pop-rock band Lawson. During his time in the band he enjoyed huge chart success scoring five Top 10 singles and one Top 10 album. They were one of the biggest boy bands around at the time and thanks to their guitar-driven music they offered fans something different to the likes of One Direction. But after several years together as a group the guys decided it was time to pursue solo projects and so far they have all had great success in their chosen ventures. Andy Brown in particular is blazing a trail in the UK Country scene.

His blend of rock infused country is not something the British scene is used to and he is at the forefront of the male artists in the UK. He has more of an American feel to his solo music and was due to drop his eagerly anticipated debut solo album Cedarmont back in July but this has now been shelved until a future date. Brown is instead focusing on single releases for the time being and his latest release is About Last Night which is a massive rock-driven country anthem.

We wanted to find out more about this track, and of course the reasoning behind Cedarmont being pushed back, so we caught up with Andy for a five-minute chat…

Your new single About Last Night is out now, can you talk us through the inspiration behind the track?

“I wrote it in Nashville with Jimmy Robbins. I kept seeing the hashtag about ‘last night’ on Instagram and thought it was a great concept.

Do you feel your style has evolved since your debut Landslide?

“I’m always evolving, changing production styles, trying new things. But I believe a lot of my solo stuff is in the same ball park as Landslide, I love that country sound.”

Andy Brown

Andy Brown: “It’s nice to make all the decisions and be in control of my own destiny”

You created pop-rock with Lawson and now make rock-country; how do you feel the fans have reacted to the sonic change?

“My fans seem to love the music I put out, but it’s also been great reaching out to new fans too. And also introducing people to the country sound, as it’s not massively popular in the UK yet.”

Do you feel you have more creative licence now you are a soloist?

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“It’s nice to make all the decisions and be in control of my own destiny. I’ve enjoyed it, it’s been a nice change.”

Where do you feel your music fits into the current UK country scene?

“I try not to over think about where my music fits in, I just make music I really like and would listen to. It was great touring with The Shires who are at the forefront of the UK country scene, but I think my music is different to theirs. I think some of my tracks have a slight American sound to them.”

You were due to release your debut album Cedarmont in July. Can you give us any insight into why the project was shelved by Decca?

“I have no idea, I think they thought the release was too early, which is fair enough. I love the team over there they’re fantastic and I loved working with them. I will now continue to release the music I’ve been making on another label. My next track will come out in seven weeks.”

With About Last Night, what do you hope fans take from the track?

“I hope it makes them feel good. It’s an upbeat feel good track, good for driving too. I love a good driving song!

When writing new material do you have a set way of working?

“With this album I delved into the lyrics a lot more. The Nashville way seems way more focused on the lyrical concepts rather than the melodies. That’s a new way of thinking for me but I’m really enjoying it.”

Can we still expect to hear the Cedarmont album in the future?

“Of course, I have the album in my hands now, I’m just releasing a couple of singles first to get the buzz back and then I’ll drop it in a few months.”

In terms of new music and tours, what can we expect from you over the last four months of 2018?

“A couple more singles and then the release of the album Cedarmont. Really exciting!”

Interview: Laura Klonowski

Andy’s new track About Last Night is out now. Find out more by going to his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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