BandLab 3.0 arrives with a Shout



A new version of the free, cloud-based music-making app comes with Shouts social functionality, expanded sound banks and more effects

BandLab, the first global, multi-platform cloud-based app where users can create, collaborate and share their music, has announced the release of its third iteration, featuring Shouts social community functionality, a new set of guitar effects, expanded sound banks, onboard drum machine and other additional functions.

BandLab Shouts enables users to grab a video, snap a photo, add filters, captions, emojis or drawings, then publish and share them with followers and friends. Musicians in the BandLab community can share the things that inspire them and give insights into their creative process.

BandLab 3.0 includes new tools to make music, including a new set of guitar effects that turn any computer or mobile device into a guitar amplifier. The web app features 12 pre-programmed sounds, ranging from crunchy overdrive to spaced-out psychedelia. These effects can also be added as post effects to a recording in the BandLab Mix Editor. The web app is also where you’ll find an onboard drum machine, which offers over 18 different drum sounds and real-time control, allowing beats to be added or subtracted on the fly.

In addition, version 3.0 includes several new sound banks, providing BandLab users with new virtual instruments such as brass and woodwind, marimbas, orchestral strings and classic organs. There are also additions to the number of piano sounds available, and a new loop library that can be searched by genre or instrument. The iOS version already has its own guitar effects, but the developers are working on bringing this feature to Android users.

“Our community ranges from seasoned studio pros to first-time songwriters who are just starting out. Some are seeking out other musicians to connect and collaborate with, while others are using the platform privately to work on songs with their existing band.” commented BandLab’s Meng Ru Kuok. “Ultimately, it’s up to each individual user to decide how they want to use the tools that we put in place for BandLab. But we’re really happy with the community that we’ve been able to cultivate and grow.”

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