Korg announces new tuner/metronome

Korg TM-50TR
Korg TM-50TR

Korg TM-50TR: available in silver or black

The forthcoming TM-50TR pitch/rhythm tool comes with several additional features including Periodic Metronome, Sound Out, Sound Back and Tone Trainer

Korg’s TM-50 tuner/metronome allowed musicians to practice both pitch and rhythm in a single unit, and now the TM-50TR adds a new Tone Trainer function which analyses the playing sound in more detail. It detects not only the pitch, but also the volume and brightness of the player’s tone, as well as the stability of these aspects.

In addition to visual tuning using the meter, the TM-50TR also provides a Sound Out function to produce a reference tone from the internal speaker or headphones, to tune by ear. The reference tone can be selected in a three-octave range from C3 (130.81 Hz) to C6 (1046.50 Hz).

Additionally, the Sound Back function creates a reference tone that is closest to the note being played into the tuner and plays it back through the speaker. The pitch of the input is also shown on the meter, making it possible to check the pitch simultaneously by eye and ear.

The TM-50TR also features a new Periodic Metronome function that repeatedly alternates between sounding and silencing the metronome for a specified number of measures. The cycle between sound and silence can be adjusted in a range of 0–4 measures (with a setting of 0 the function is off).

Other functions include Auto Power-off, which saves the battery if the unit hasn’t been switched off, and Memory Backup that preserves the TM-50TR’s settings when the power is off. The display newly features a large colour LCD and the unit is available in two colours: silver or black.

The Korg TM-50TR will be available in September 2016, but the price is yet to be confirmed. For more details, go to korg.com

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