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The Weeks ‘Easy’ album cover
The Weeks

The Weeks: these guys love music and are a band in their own right

It’s an all too familiar equation: Southern-tinged guitar music, long hair, denim and a pair of brothers. Or is it?

The Weeks 'Easy' album coverIt’s a formula people know well, but it’s not Kings Of Leon (this time). The comparison between The Weeks and the Kings has been made time and time again. Like all good southern bands, they blend rock ‘n’ roll guitars with emotional soul vocals, and they do it well, but at times it feels too comfortable.

The band are made up of twin brothers Cyle (vocals) and Cain Barnes (drums), Sam Williams (guitar/vocals) and Damien Bone (bass). And believe it or not, they have toured with Kings Of Leon.

The first single from the album Start It Up has all the rock/soul qualities that make a good song. It’s got catchy hooks in all the right places and a darn groovy bassline. The song is a fine specimen from the band’s seventh studio album. It’s easy to listen to, which is apt as frontman Cyle explains: “We called it Easy because every time I make music with these guys, it’s easy.”

Talk Like That is a lot heavier and faster. The vocals race the other instruments and the suspense to know the winner is too much excitement. Again, it has all the hooks that seem to characterise this band. It really is a great song. Like takes the pace down a notch, but adds in a trumpet. A nice touch which came as a pleasant surprise, showing the band can diversify.

These guys love music and are a band in their own right, so don’t be put off by comparisons. There is just enough pop influence to separate them from their peers, but they are sure to split opinion.

Verdict: Comfortable rock with the odd surprise

David Chrzanowski

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