EXCLUSIVE! ‘June’ by The Rareflowers

The Rareflowers
The Rareflowers

Today’s exclusive is by power-pop gems, The Rareflowers

Today we bring you an exclusive track by a power-pop trio that recall one of the genre’s truly great bands

Led by sibling duo Jimmy (guitar, lead vox) and Kane Maraday (bass, vox), The Rareflowers have jangling melodies to die for. Completed by drummer Aaron Gollubier, the trio are a power-pop band you’re going to love.

Today’s exclusive is titled June and of the song, the band says: “June is about that particular feeling of meeting excitement with reasonable doubt based on prior failures when meeting someone new.”

They’ve been likended to The Cars, The Replacements, and Big Star. Have a listen below to make up your mind on those comparisons.

If you like that you can find The Rareflowers on Facebook, and Instagram.

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