Songwriting Magazine Issue 35

Songwriting Magazine Summer 2024

Ray LaMontagne, Joan Osborne, Peter Doherty, Journey, Donna Lewis, Lost Frequencies, Villagers, Tim Showalter, The Mysterines, Peter Bibby and more

Your summer starts here, with the latest issue of Songwriting Magazine. And it’s a momentous moment for us – WE’RE IN PRINT! That’s right, after more than a decade of living purely in the digital realm, and thanks to your support, we’ve finally gone physical – and our Platinum subscribers will soon be receiving their issue in the post, as well as the usual online version. So let’s take a look inside this historic edition…

Gracing the cover is the American alt-folk singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne. With a new album due out in August, Ray talks us through his songwriting process – and it’s all about getting out of the way when a melody arrives. As well as drilling down into this hands-off process, we also learn about his uncompromising approach to a career in music.

For our inaugural print issue, we thought we should do something special, and it doesn’t get better than learning about the “biggest song of all time.” That’s right, in a bumper How We Wrote, Journey’s Jonathan Cain takes us through the creation of the band’s multi-platinum hit Don’t Stop Believin’ – a song that started with some sage fatherly advice and went on to become bigger than the band who made it.

Elsewhere, we chat with the rejuvenated Libertines’ co-leader Peter Doherty about his band’s chart-topping new album, All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade, and his unwavering love of songwriting. Joan Osborne reflects on why she’s still out there writing and performing songs, and dissects the influence that the music of Bob Dylan has had on her.

We’ve also put together an impressive roster of experts, all ready to help you level up your songwriting game. Whether it’s writing on the piano, learning about the different parts of a song, getting the most out of Reels, or how to tell stories with lyrics, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you’ll need. And, as always, our man James Linderman is on the helpdesk to answer your questions.

As usual, the interviews and features don’t stop there. We travel back to 1996 where Donna Lewis reveals all about her classic single I Love You Always Forever and then get the lowdown on Lost Frequencies’ 2021 smash Where Are You Now. Also, Villagers, The Mysterines, Strand of Oaks’ Tim Showalter, and Peter Bibby all share their songwriting secrets.

Think that’s everything? Not a chance. With the season hotting up, we’re ready to help you write the next great summer song (or anti-summer song if you’re so inclined). We’re also joining the world of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan and discovering protest songs – the scene, songs, singers, and kit – and asking, can music really change the world?

It doesn’t end there. With news, reviews and more, we’ve ensured this issue is a stacked summer bonanza. Thanks again for helping make our dream come true, enjoy!

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