You Do Me Wrong by Pablo Nouvelle (Single)

Pablo Nouvelle sleeve

Pablo Nouvelle

Recently, Dogtanion mixed Radiohead with UK garage influences. Now Pablo Nouvelle mixes the Radiohead of ‘Amnesiac’ with trip-hop and soul

Pablo Nouvelle sleeve

uilding yourself a career that encompasses both film and music seems to somewhat in vogue right now, what with the double acclaim afforded to Plan B for his third album Ill Manors and maiden long-form cinematic offering, er, Ill Manors. Not that film-makers haven’t been dabbling in musicianship and musicians trying their hand at film-making for many years, of course, . . . didn’t The Beatles write a song and a film about a yellow submarine, or something?

Dogtanion recently set the bar high for the film-making musician with his excellent album Japan. The expectation weighted upon Swiss filmmaker and musician Pablo Nouvelle’s single You Do Me Wrong is then, well, weighty.

You Do Me Wrong is a soulful slice of trip-hop, the sort the sounds as though it could have been made by Portishead if they began buttering their bread with Anchor and a light sprinkling of Prozac. It is, though, the second track True To Me which is of the greatest interest and promise. Again there is an element of soul, in the velvety, yet slightly gravelly vocals. But the Radiohead influence, specifically the tinny warmth of the band circa Amnesiac, is what makes the song.

Though not as elegant and poignant as The Pyramid Song, True To Me is of the same spirit as Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box. Both songs are drawn from a songwriter of real promise. I’d just like to extract one pledge from Pablo Nouvelle . . . that an album will follow shortly.

Verdict: A tinny, trip-hop-infused, soulful delight

Damien Girling

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