On The Stereo #74

Alex Mills
Alex Mills

Alex Mills: more than a hint of early 90s rave

Time to check out some superb new songs from Alex Mills, Chloe Rodgers, Estére, Outlaw Boogie, DD Darillo and more

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If the start of meteorological winter has got your feeling all sluggish then Stamina by Alex Mills is just what you need. An absolute firecracker of a record, there’s more than a hint of early 90s rave pumping this one along and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Time Will Tell

Though concerned with the topic of not feeling at home anywhere, Time Will Tell by DD Darillo is nothing if not inviting. Emerging from the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains with fuzzed-up college rock, there’s warmth to be found in their sound.

All You Need

Japanese rock band Man With A Mission’s latest banger is All You Need. Further showcase for their all-action, stadium-sized sound, it throbs with energy and attitude without ever forgetting the importance of genuine songcraft beneath the noise.


Taken from Oumou Sangaré’s Acoustic album, Kamelemba is a cautionary tale of men who make false promises. At the heart of the track is the interplay between Sangaré’s voice and the accompanying instruments, especially the kamele ngoni.

Robbed Me

The restrained production belies the heartache at the centre of Robbed Me by Daniel Donskoy, and in doing so gives it the space it needs. The song’s story is one that listeners will connect with, just as its tender R&B sound will soothe many ears #onthestereo

The Algea

With striking strings punctuating the vocals, The Algea by Chloe Rodgers defies gravity by appearing both slight and weighty. Named after the Greek spirits of pain and suffering, their torture has been turned into catharsis here.

Buddha & Penelope

A drifting psych-pop lullaby with something to say, Buddha & Penelope by All Things Blue was inspired by a meeting between singer-songwriter India Coombs, a homeless man and his pitbull. Whether you dig into it or let it wash over you, this song delivers.

Songfest 2024

The Circle

The title track from his upcoming EP The Circle paints Outlaw Boogie as the UK’s DIY answer to The War On Drugs. That is to say, this is music made for the road, albeit in this case a slightly wonky English back lane.

Animal Pleasure

Beat and guitar tantalise and seduce each other, echoing the desire at the heart of Estére’s Animal Pleasure. Throw in her soulful vocals and that’s all the ingredients you need for one spicy encounter.

Words: Duncan Haskell

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