On The Stereo #5

Rebekah Rolland. Pic: Amy Martell
Rebekah Rolland. Pic: Amy Martell

Rebekah Rolland: a true talent in the making. Pic: Amy Martell

Latest playlist includes: Rebekah Rolland, Tom Grennan, Three Kings High, The Modern Strangers and Father John Misty and James Holt

Rebekah Rolland 'Standing Still'REBEKAH ROLLAND
Sky Island Records

This evocative dose of folky Americana suggests that Rolland is a true talent in the making. The song’s prairie setting is an ideal location for this homespun tale and the brass section is like a burst of sunshine after the clouds have parted.


Tom Grennan 'Barbed Wire'TOM GRENNAN
Insanity Records

Listening to the radio in the car this week and the London-based singer-songwriter’s latest single immediately drew my attention. With a voice and soulful, brass-led production reminiscent of Paulo Nutini, Barbed Wire has a triumphant, sing-along chorus and bodes well for Tom’s debut album Lighting Matches, which comes out in July.


Father John Misty 'Please Don't Die'FATHER JOHN MISTY
Bella Union

Ahead of the release of his highly anticipated fourth album, God’s Favorite Customer, on 1 June, Father John Misty has made Please Don’t Die available. Indie’s most hilarious troubadour shows that his songwriting’s lost none of its shimmering precision and hints that his latest LP could be his best yet.


Three Kings High 'Bone Dry'THREE KINGS HIGH
Donut Records

A meaty riff and attitude-heavy delivery make this one of the finest offerings yet from the Bristol band. Leaning more on rock influences, rather than those of their hip hop heroes, there’s an attractive confidence coursing through the group, which makes you want to listen to this track on repeat.


James Holt 'Whispers'JAMES HOLT

The latest single from Bolton alt-pop songwriter James Holt demonstrates that his love of The Beatles runs strong and true, with its delicate appreciation for melody. Don’t worry, though, this is no mere copycat artist; Holt has his own voice and it’s beatific.


The Modern Strangers 'Meltdown Mechanics'THE MODERN STRANGERS
Hoolay Records

The title track from the group’s debut EP is all squelchy synths and brooding breaks. Oozing with 80s appeal, it’s a warped disco slow dance for those couples who fear this might be their last spin round the room.


Oh Maddie 'I Don't Like You'OH MADDIE
Dog Heart Records

A fusion of Black Keys-esque southern blues and T-Rex style glam sounds like a rock combo as sweet as a charcoal coffee. While it doesn’t touch the heights of either of those artists, I Don’t Like You is a thoroughly pleasant track that fans of both acts will appreciate.


The Darkness 'Solid Gold'THE DARKNESS
Cooking Vinyl

Taken from their upcoming live album Live At Hammersmith, this collision of AC/DC-sized power chords, a driving rhythm section and terrace-chant chorus is typical of the over-the-top glam rockers, and we love them for it. I can’t help singing along to, “we’re never gonna stop shitting out solid gold,” with a big smile on my face!


Words: Damien Girling, Duncan Haskell, Aaron Slater

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