EXCLUSIVE! ‘Bears In Mind’ by The Hollow Ends

The Hollow Ends
Today's exclusive is brought to you by the rootsy, The Hollow Ends

Today’s exclusive is brought to you by the rootsy, The Hollow Ends

Out latest exclusive song is brought to you by a folk-rock group who combine socially conscious lyrics with anthemic choruses

Playing folk-rock in a rootsy style and imbued with punk energy, The Hollow Ends are an infectious listen. Fronted by Saint Louis-based songwriter Zachary Schwartz, the group will get folk fans jumping and punk peeps pondering.

Bears In Mind is their exclusive track and of it the group say: “Bears In Mind‘ is the title track to an entire record written about the feeling of being stuck inside your own goddamn skull, forced to gape out at this world, terrified as you start to age. I didn’t intend to write a record like this, I’m actually a pretty positive person, but it just sort of dripped out one song at a time over the past few years. I think a lot of people my age today are trying to figure out what the hell this new world is we’ve found ourselves in, and what new responsibilities and dangers are in it waiting for us.

Continuing: “At least in my experience, there’s a fair amount of anxiety and fear that goes with that, especially when you’re not young and stupid enough to feel invincible anymore. I think the song Bears In Mind is about that fear we all sort of discover that’s inside us at a certain age and you discover there’s sharp edges and gnashing teeth everywhere you look. Scarier still, you realize that the whole thing is ephemeral and given the current state of affairs, it might well be over sooner than we thought.”

They’ve been likened to Shakey Graves, Iron & Wine, and Sturgill Simpson. Listen below and if any other artists come to mind then let us know!

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  1. Stephanie E. Toma

    (´ε` )♡

    Bears In Mind is a wicked awesome tune. Thanks for posting. Made my Tuesday morning sweet in my lil studio suite. Thanks again.

    Most genuinely,
    Stephanie e11e
    June 12,2018 5:53am
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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