On The Stereo #4

Florence Welch
Florence Welch

Florence Welch: “Sometimes when you can’t say it, you can sing it.”

This week’s selection: Florence + The Machine, DMA’s, Language, Popes Of Chillitown, Passenger, Lice, Uma E. Fernqvist and Places Erupt

At seventeen, I started to starve myselfFLORENCE + THE MACHINE
Virgin EMI

Next month Miss Welch returns with her band’s highly anticipated fourth album, of which Hunger is the lead single. It’s gutsy, anthemic indie pop, propelled by a self-assured yet emotional vocal delivery and brutally honest lyricism. As Florence herself puts it: “I guess I made myself more vulnerable in this song to encourage connection, because perhaps a lot more of us feel this way than we are able to admit. Sometimes when you can’t say it, you can sing it.”


Lice 'Stammering Bill'LICE
Balley Records

Bristol’s Lice are the first band to be signed to Joe Talbot’s (of IDLES) label. Possessed of a strong psych/garage-rock vibe, the group show little appreciation for hooks and favour a nightmarish approach to structuring. In short, they’re delightful.


Popes Of Chillitown 'Get Off/Get On'POPES OF CHILLITOWN

The lead single from The Popes’ third album, Work Hard, Play Hard, See You In The Graveyard, is a prime example of the band’s songwriting style. From the start, energy bursts from the speakers as colourful melodies from the horns dance and twist above the guitar, bassline and drums. The lyrics are catchy and flow well with the song, bringing the elements nicely together.


Uma E. Fernqvist 'For U'UMA E. FERNQVIST

Swedish songwriter Uma E. Fernqvist spent 20 years as a world-famous dancer before shooting for her dream of being a musician. She’s spent her two decades of preparation wisely, as For U is a moody trip-hop number that has a subtle majesty.


DMA's 'In The Air'DMA’S

The three-piece Australian rock band’s latest album For Now is full of emotional and heartfelt rock songs, and the single In The Air is a ballad that possesses some of the album’s finest lyrics and best production; more evidence of the band wearing their heart’s on their sleeves.


Language 'Plymouth'LANGUAGE
Good Eye Records

The 90s gave birth to some of guitar pop’s finest acts and Language have taken heed from the sloppier end of the spectrum, to offer you an infectious and simmering alt-rock track that purrs and demands attention. I’m a big fan of this song.


Passenger 'Hell Or High Water'PASSENGER
Black Crow Records

The Ivor Novello Award-winning singer-songwriter, Mike Rosenberg’s latest single has already been streamed almost a million times, with the video receiving a similar number of views on YouTube, and it’s not hard to hear why. A very palatable slice of souring Americana-inspired folk pop, in the vein of David Gray and Mumford & Sons.


Places Erupt 'Bloggers'PLACES ERUPT

The video for Places Erupt’s debut single depicts a man who gets his kicks from online trolling. While the group adopt an orchestral approach to indie, their music is not yet ready to soar, making the lyrical topic the most memorable part of the song.


Words: Damien Girling, Dave Chrzanowski, Aaron Slater

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