EXCLUSIVE! ‘Plymouth’ by Language


Today’s exclusive is from the brilliant, Language

Today we are bringing you a simmering, brittle alt-rock track that purrs and demands the attention of 90s guitar-pop fans

The 90s gave birth to some of guitar pop’s finest acts and Language have taken heed from the sloppier end of the spectrum, to offer you an infectious and simmering track.

Titled, Plymouth, the group had this to say of the song: “Plymouth started with this big riff, and we built the structure of the song backwards by removing information. The way I see it, the lyrics are about finding a new home but without a fixed point of view. Sometimes you’re the weary refugee, sometimes the greedy colonist. Sometimes you build a fire for warmth, sometimes to burn the place down.”

We’re big fans of the song. Listen below and see what you think…

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