Higher by Cajsa Siik (Single)

Cajsa Siik
Cajsa Siik

Cajsa Siik has been tipped to break out

Cajsa Siik’s new single ‘Higher’ is an infectious anthem, with Scandinavian sensibilities showcasing her easy on the ears indie pop

Cajsa Siik-Higherailing from Stockholm, Cajsa Siik is the latest Swede whose scandi-pop is infiltrating the the British music scene. She’s already been featured on the soundtracks to hit TV shows and has been tipped as one of the next big things by the British music press. With single Higher, Siik gives us the latest track from her upcoming debut LP Contra; offering us a sweet vision into her world.

A simple and informal funk baseline starts the track off, reverberating around a fluttering synth and crystal clear bursts of guitars. Siik’s charming, almost husky voice, oozes over the verses and becomes fervent during the chorus.

Higher is simple, catchy and radio friendly, while possessing an air of urgency and a slight sense of pessimism; something which could be a translated as a nod towards her towards its writers Scandinavian roots. Compared to previous tracks it’s an optimistic contribution, and a great example of how diverse Siik’s blend of pop can be.

Verdict: A feel-good scandi-pop gem

Tilly Dowman

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