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Iris Gold
Iris Gold

Iris Gold: “I live in Copenhagen which is a fashion hub full of cool peeps…” Pic: Alexander Kaiser Lauritzen

Danish-Jamaican songstress Iris Gold plots a journey through a diverse collection of music from Denmark’s capital, including some tribal opera

Iris Gold was actually born in London, but grew up in Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, surrounded by the city’s music and progressive culture. She had been singing and rapping from an early age, and was introduced to hip-hop, reggae and psychedelic-pop/rock, which left a lasting impression on the music she makes today: a blend of all these flavours, alongside the poetry and storytelling in her songwriting.

As Iris explains: “Denmark is a very small Scandi country. I live in Copenhagen which is a fashion hub full of cool peeps in all-black, to fitness fanatics, vegan yogis and everything in between. I have made a list of 10 artists/bands I dig. My taste is very eclectic and this list is definitely a reflection of such.”

And so here Iris Gold selects the tracks which she believes reflects the music of her home city. To listen to them all in one go, check out the YouTube playlist.

“Recently passed away, he was like a national treasure, so it was a huge loss. A Danish folk-pop singer. Midt om natten, released in 1983, is about police raids and tear gas, people taking to many drugs… Growing up in a hippy commune could be why this track resonates so much with me. His delivery is so haunting and gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.”

“Great band and a dope lead singer. Probably my favourite voice of all time on the Danish music scene. This song released in 1995 has a real retro swinging soul gospel funk hippy flower-power fusion going on – I mean, what’s not to love?”

“Always thought he was a great artist. Definitely, in my opinion, the one who put grime on the map in Denmark and started a whole wave that made way for Denmark’s version of grime, which became huge. Benny is a simple tune and a great introduction to a fabulous artist.”

“Great lyrical content about being afraid of dying alone and no one being around to find you. He has a great voice and is a wicked producer. This track is synthy, breaky and very danceable yet is quite depressing lyrically. I love the contrast.”

“90s slowjam R&B smoother than butter flex. Silky vocals, candle season, baby-making music for the grown and sexy – so seductive.”

“It’s my latest single and is about breaking up with someone and meeting up with them for closure, mixed in with a bit of wine, Barry White and candles…probably best to keep the light on. There’s a mix of hip-hop, psychedelic guitar and a bit of brass for the lovers.”

“A song about taking care of your pregnant woman, getting her Oreos and whatever other cravings she might have is a great topic. On top of a smooth R&B production and 90s guitar licks is finger-licking good.”

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“This chick is a boss bitch. Big voice and captivating performer. This song is so honest and real and full of emotion, gives me the chills.”

“This is a waltz type of tribal opera track. I think Gurli is such an interesting artist, with a really interesting back story. She grew up in a circus. I love her video for this track with the yellow clown-looking dancer dancing around alone in a fabulous outfit, somehow works perfectly with Gurli’s melancholic vocals.”

“Every time I see this band live I’m blown away. It’s so theatrical and dramatic. Heavy metal extravaganza. Hair swinging, dope backdrops and the frontman is an amazing performer. What a show!”

Iris Gold’s latest single Keep The Light On is out now and she’s got a debut album on the way. Discover more at and

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