EXCLUSIVE! ‘Up All Night ft. Annabelle’ by Future Joy

‘Up All Night ft. Annabelle’ by Future Joy
‘Up All Night ft. Annabelle’ by Future Joy

Today’s exclusive is by the wonderful, Future Joy

Today’s exclusive is brought to you by a delightful electro-funk group who borrow gleefully from the gamut of electronic music

We’re back and we’ve got a real treat for you today, folks. A track from a group whose sound starts in the electro-funk domain, but steals expertly from electronic music’s back catalogue. We give you, Future Joy.

The song is titled Up All Night and the group has this to say about it: “We wrote the beat for Up All Night and then Annabelle effortlessly improvised lyrics over the top and a new late night party anthem that’s full of love was born!”

They’ve been compared to Big Gigantic, Pretty Lights, and GRiZ. Listen below to make your mind up on those comparisons…

Their self-titled album is out on June 1st here. You can catch their release party May 25th at Your Mom’s House in Denver, CO. If you can’t make that then head over to their website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud to find out more.

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