EXCLUSIVE! ‘Shove’ by Survival Float

Survival Float
Survival Float

Chicago-based piano man Survival Float

This week’s Thursday exclusive is a wistful, contemplative little number coming courtesy of a piano-playing Chicago songwriter called Survival Float

t’s Thursday again, and that can mean only one thing: it’s time for yet another world exclusive first listen here at Songwriting! And today’s offering is Shove by Survival Float, a pop-rock artist based in the Windy City.

In real life, Survival Float goes by the name of Jess Hal. He used to be part of an electro-acoustic pop duo called Hit Back, whose tracks featured in ads for Chase Bank and Obey clothing, and in the TV show Suits. But when Hit Back eventually split, Jess decided to go it alone. As Survival Float, he writes and produces all of his own material, much of it drawing on his upbringing as an evangelical Christian in the midwest of the USA, an environment and faith from which he has since moved on.

Survival Float’s debut album, from which Shove is taken, will be out in June. Of the song itself, Jess says: “Shove is not so much a break-up song, but an expiration song. It’s a fond look back and mourning that hedonistic phase so common to new relationships. It’s a flat-out ‘no’ to personal compromise.”

The hype sheet for this one makes comparisons to Coldplay, Warren Zevon, Damon Albarn and Rufus Wainwright… but above all of those, it’s the influence of Ben Folds Five that we can hear most clearly. As ever, though, you can make your own mind up…

Like what you hear? Then ‘like’ Survival Float on Facebook, follow him on Soundcloud and Twitter or hit up his website. Look out also for his current single, Claw And Bite.

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