For The Road by Sukh (Single)

For The Road by Sukh

Sukh: “A little of Nick Drake’s appreciation for augmentation”

For The Road by Sukh

The youthful Mancunian songwriter Sukh saves lives by day and writes folk in the vein of Cat Stevens by night

ukh harks back to a time when folk was dominated by greats such as Cat Stevens, Neil Young and Donovan. Opening For The Road with a ringing melody and a clattering of delicate melodies, there’s a little bit of Nick Drake’s appreciation for augmentation in the background – a soaring string section that picks its moments to sing. And speaking of singing, Sukh’s voice is downtrodden but not beaten. It’s the sort that’s lived through sadness with a clean appreciation of its temporary nature. This gives Sukh a sincerity that instantly endears him to you, the same quality that Damien Rice possesses.

With his day job as a doctor, you might think that Sukh wouldn’t have the time or the will to write music in his spare time. Thankfully For The Road puts paid to this worry. And though his road is one that’s been walked by many an artist, it’s one that he has the stamina and craft to travel convincingly.

Verdict: Well composed folk

Damien Girling

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