Aitokaiku announces first reactive music app


Aitokaiku: “the ability for anyone to create this kind of music from their pocket without any prior music-making ability.”

Berlin-based company will enable Android and iOS smartphone users to transform sounds, movement and light into original, free shareable music

Created by Finnish music producer Jarno Eerola, Berlin-based Aitokaiku has announced the first reactive music mobile app. Originally born as a soundscape art project, Aitokaiku will enable Android and iOS smartphone owners to create original, endless, free shareable music without any musical ability. Using sensor data from the device’s microphone, camera, GPS and accelerometer, the app makes it possible to compose original music that harmonises with the environment, in real-time.

“We are carrying one of the most powerful, sensitive, and personal devices ever created – today’s smartphone – with us everywhere, and it has the capacity to not only create music based on your location, mood, and the physical environment around you, but enable you to share that music that you have personally created with your friends around the world,” explains CEO Eerola. “The Aitokaiku experience is part of a new wave of connected vibrations that people, particularly in the electronic dance music world, are enjoying, and we have now delivered the ability for anyone to create this kind of music from their pocket without any prior music-making ability.”

The mood of the music on Aitokaiku can be controlled by selecting one of the four pre-installed ‘themes’ – hip-hop, classical, techno and rock – but the actual music is ultimately created live by the user’s environment. A 60-second music clip can then be shared via Vibe directly to a Facebook news feed, along with a message. These compositions can be shared globally without any restrictions because they have been created on their device, from their unique moment, so it belongs to the user.

The full iOS and Android versions of Aitokaiku are expected to be made available in their corresponding app stores by the end of March 2016. For more information, visit:

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