‘Premium’ by Sam Evian (Album)

Sam Evian ‘Premium’ album cover
Sam Evian

Sam Evian: “an analogue dream in a digital world”

This multi-talented artist has gathered up his friends to create one of the year’s most unique and enticing debut records

Sam Evian 'Premium' album cover2016 has felt like the ‘year of the debut’ and, just when things can’t get any better, another artist is ready to pull another right-hook to knock you off your feet. This time it is the turn of New York-based, Sam Evian, musician/engineer/producer extraordinaire, who has created a sound that is a spacious soup where pensive lyrics float like noodles.

The album was seeded after Sam helped build and wire Brooklyn’s Figure 8 recording studio, finding his way into a musical community – “I was surrounded by endlessly talented and fun musicians in a beautiful recording environment that I helped build. I felt confident and happy, so the music came together easily.” It features an array of vocalists and musicians befriended along the way, including Cassandra Jenkins, Hannah Cohen, and Shahzad Ismaily. Sam’s influences are broad ranging from Sly & The Family Stone and The Band to Chris Cohen.

For the entirety, this record remains cool and casual, while the lyrics of songs like I Need A Man calls for an end of racism, sexism and violence in the music industry. Sleep Easy offers up a glimpse into Sam’s life – “it is the ballet of my domestic inadequacy.”

Premium is a stunning and exciting first release and Sam Evian has managed to create classic music for a modern time, full of depth and intrigue – “an analogue dream in a digital world.”

Verdict: A fun record that doesn’t shy away from the hard stuff

David Chrzanowski

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