The Doors

Interview: The Doors’ Robby Krieger

June 28, 2017 in Features, Interviews

We chat to The Doors guitarist and songwriter about his time in one of the most influential bands on earth…

Jack Savoretti

Sodajerker presents… Jack Savoretti

June 27, 2017 in Features, Interviews

Our podcasting duo meet the Anglo-Italian troubadour to hear the story behind that gravelly voice and his breakneck writing-recording process…

Frankie Oliver

Interview: Frankie Oliver

June 24, 2017 in Features, Interviews

We meet an aspiring British blues and soul singer who has a not-so-secret past as a 90s reggae artist Setting…

Luke Sital-Singh. Photo: Steve Gullick

Interview: Luke Sital-Singh

June 20, 2017 in Features, Interviews

The British singer-songwriter traces his path from nu metal to nu folk, alongside an interest in acting and Slow Movement…

Tommy Stinson

Interview: Tommy Stinson

June 17, 2017 in Features, Interviews

The legendary Replacements bassist has reformed his other old band, Bash & Pop, and chats to us about their return…

Benjamin Booker

Interview: Benjamin Booker

June 9, 2017 in Features, Interviews

We catch up with the soulful American rocker to learn how a trip to Mexico City inspired his new record…

Cat Pierce

Interview: CAT

May 30, 2017 in Features, Interviews

With The Pierces on hiatus and a solo career underway, now’s the time to catch up with this charismatic artist……

Dolores O'Riordan

Interview: The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan

May 26, 2017 in Features, Interviews

The Irish rock band’s frontwoman speaks candidly about coping with bi-polar disorder and how they wrote their first hit ‘Linger’…

Ian Broudie

Interview: Ian Broudie

May 18, 2017 in Features, Interviews

Ahead of his summer performances, the creative power behind The Lightning Seeds chats to us about his career in music…

Robbie Robertson

Sodajerker presents… Robbie Robertson

May 14, 2017 in Features, Interviews

The returning podcasters Simon and Brian interview a truly legendary Canadian songwriter, whose music with The Band helped create Americana……

Nick Ellis

Interview: Nick Ellis

May 11, 2017 in Features, Interviews

This Liverpool-based songwriter discusses how the unique location his debut album was recorded in profoundly influenced the haunting final outcome…

Liverpool Empire Theatre

Songs In The Key Of… Liverpool

May 6, 2017 in Features, Interviews

The founder of Mellowtone Records leads us around Liverpool by choosing a dozen of his favourite songs from the city…

Robert Cray

Interview: Robert Cray

May 4, 2017 in Features, Interviews

The five-time Grammy winning blues guitarist talks to us about telling stories with his music and songwriting in the kitchen…

Emmy The Great

Interview: Emmy The Great

April 28, 2017 in Features, Interviews

We spoke to one of folk’s stars and she revealed the most important quality that a songwriter requires to succeed…


Introducing… Starling

April 26, 2017 in Features, Interviews

We introduce a young artist that is using her brooding pop confessionals to document the many challenges of modern life…

Todd Rundgren

Interview: Todd Rundgren

April 21, 2017 in Features, Interviews

With an album of collaborations on the way, we catch up with the iconic recording artist, producer and musical innovator…

Mike Rutherford

Interview: Mike Rutherford

April 18, 2017 in Features, Interviews

The main man behind Mike + The Mechanics and co-founding member of Genesis talks about his successful collaborative songwriting process…

Interview: Dominick Martin, AKA Calibre

April 10, 2017 in Features, Interviews

How a ‘superstar DJ’ from the world of drum & bass is now embracing the art and craft of songwriting…


Interview: Warhaus

March 29, 2017 in Features, Interviews

We speak with Maarten Devoldere about his solo recording project Warhaus and his time spent fronting Belgian rock band Balthazar…

Stone Foundation

Interview: Stone Foundation’s Neil Jones

March 26, 2017 in Features, Interviews

We chat to the Midlands singer and songwriter about working with Paul Weller on the mod-influenced band’s soulful new album…

The Mavericks. Photo: David McClister

Interview: The Mavericks’ Raul Malo

March 10, 2017 in Features, Interviews

With a new album on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to check in with The Mavericks’ songwriter and frontman…

The Tuts

Introducing… The Tuts

March 5, 2017 in Features, Interviews

Archaic and free-spoken: the punk-pop trio storming the DIY scene. But this is just the beginning of their beckoning career…