The Week In Review (17 – 23 July)


The Week In Review, your shelter against the rain. Image by Tookapic

It’s Sunday, which means that we’re back to bring you our weekly round-up, Classic Of The Week and SongsOfTheWeek playlist

Good day to you, folks. Though, if your Sunday is anything like ours, then it’s been dominated by driving rain: hooray for British summer! But to bring you a little bit of sunshine, we’re back with our latest Week In Review.

So what have we been up to? We’ve been enthralled by the brilliant, Ozark, Netflix’s latest show par excellence and one of Jason Bateman’s finest ever performances. We’ve also had our hearts warmed by the woman who helped a young man with his tie, and the couple whose mission is to visit every crazy golf course in the UK. But now, though, here’s the rest.

Classic Of The Week

‘Things Behind The Sun’ by Nick Drake (1972)

This week’s classic is not easy listening. The centerpiece of UK folk legend Nick Drake’s fragile and masterful third album, Pink Moon, Things Behind The Sun sees Drake delving deep into the tortured waters in which he swam. Suffice to say, this is not a record to put on before heading out to a club. Instead, it’s for those frozen moments when your friends have left and you find yourself alone, trapped in your thoughts.

Classic Of The Week Playlist

Songs Of The Week

Song: Lady May,
Artist: Tyler Childers

Song: Received In Me
Artist: Henry Bateman

Song: Rise Over Run
Artist: My Little Hum

Song: Bury Me
Artist: George Glew

Song: Sketchbook Traces
Artist: Sven-Erik Olsen

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