Muzicard: a new way to connect artists and fans


Muzicard: “the next generation of music merchandise that merges the physical with the digital world of music”

A customisable, printable credit-card-sized USB drive, acts as its own music player, giving artists a new channel to their fans

Nashville-based artist service startup, Muzicard has launched a new physical music format of the same name: a credit card-shaped USB flash drive. With functionality similar to a CD, the card acts as its own music player via a proprietary HTML interface. The album widget can be customised to offer a full album, live cuts, rare tracks, best-of, or whatever an artist wishes to give their fans.

Among the possible features, the interface offers a video player, artist info, fan signup, links to social media and a sponsorship section, similar to an artist’s own website. Cards come with custom printing on the front and back and drive sizes are available between 1 and 128 GB.

“With CDs quickly becoming obsolete, Muzicard offers an opportunity to provide fans with the next generation of music merchandise that merges the physical with the digital world of music,” states company founder Mike Farona. “Muzicard offers a consumer-friendly plug-and-play music device that’s not only elegant and simple to use, but easy for artists to create and update.”

The album widget will work with a variety of devices, including PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and vehicles that support USB media. The main functions of the widget operate completely within the card itself and do not need an internet connection to function.

Muzicard order sizes come in 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1000+ pieces. For a quote and more information, visit

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