‘Colt’ by Young Moon (Album)

Young Moon

Young Moon: Colt represents the alternation between upbeat emotion and downcast despair

Lost love, creative despair and new beginnings are much to conquer in 11 songs, but Trevor Montgomery’s a skilled tradesman

ColtYoung Moon is the moniker of Trevor Montgomery’s latest project. He is a skilled tile setter and, if this latest offering is anything to go by, Montgomery applies the same determination to his music as he does to his challenging day job.

After initially abandoning music due to personal problems, Montgomery used yoga to reconnect with his artistic side. This new way of life has resulted in an album that is emotionally thought-provoking; sad, but uplifting. These eleven tracks convey the mixed-up emotions that come with falling in love and dealing with the consequences of a broken relationship – something most people can relate to. The record plays like a relationship, as the alternation between upbeat emotion and downcast despair swells with the attack and decay of a wave.

Due to the context of the songs, there are times where it feels that Montgomery is lost and alone, such as on Fell On My Face and Silver Ripples, where his pain is abrupt and the music bare. On the other hand. there are times when the album springs into life. Here the feeling of recovery is reflected in the bright organs and crystal clear acoustic guitar tones, as on Lets Take A Walk and Deep Breath – a song that invokes the image of taking the plunge into the unknown.

Tackling topics of despair, decay and disposal may be one of the time-honoured traits of songwriting, but it’s also as worn as a decade-old pair of boots. Thankfully, Trevor Montgomery is comfortable in his own shoes and, with Colt, Young Moon has made an album of beauty and skill.

Verdict: An emotional epic filled with both drama and hope

Dave Chrzanowski

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