EXCLUSIVE! ‘Bad Dream’ by The Watters

The Watters
The Watters

The Watters. Pic: Ashley Amoroso

This week’s third exclusive is a slice of mournful Americana, as Songwriting presents the second single by Texas-based The Watters

thewatters_greatunknown_coverOur third exclusive this week is Bad Dream, the second single by The Watters, who describe themselves as an “Americana/soul” band and who are based in Austin, Texas. The single is taken from their forthcoming album Great Unknown, which is out on 1 July.

The Watters feature six members (plus a three-piece horn section on the album), but are based around a nucleus of Daniel and Jenna Watters, former high school sweethearts from Arizona who used to be known as The Oak Creek Band and who were previously based in first Denver and then Nashville. The duo relocated to Austin and changed their band name in February last year. Great Unknown will be the sixth album that Daniel and Jenna have recorded in 12 years of playing together.

Jenna says of the song: “Bad Dream was written while I was dealing with some crazy insomnia when we lived in Nashville. Nashville was a little hard on me… I wanted to try to make our dream of music work there but I felt intimidated and emotionally drained instead. It ties into the overall theme of the Great Unknown, because when you make big leaps in life you don’t always know how it’s going to turn out. But the good thing is, you did it and fought through it and learned from it, and when you move on from it, it feels like it was all just a bad dream.”

The hype sheet compares this one to Fleetwood Mac, Tedeschi Trucks Band and Rilo Kiley, but see what you think…

Like that? Then find The Watters on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube and Twitter, or at their own website.

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