Deftones’ new album pushed back to 2016


Deftones’ new album will be out next year. Image by benjgibbsCreative Commons

Deftones last released an album in 2012 and their fans wait for a follow-up will now enter a fourth year

Fans of alt-metal legends Deftones will be disappointed to hear that the release of their eighth studio album will be delayed further, after the band confirmed that it will now be released in 2016.

In an interview with Morning Blaze, the bands drummer Abe Cunningham and keyboardist Frank Delgado gave an update on Deftones’ progress with album number eight. Delgado explained: “It’s going to come out in the new year… We had some dates that were already kind of tentative.”

Cunningham added: “It’s being mixed now. It started being mixed a couple weeks back. They’re actually going tomorrow to go down and listen to mixes and do things and… We’re mixing and we still are in the process of album title, artwork, song titles. We haven’t even got there yet, but the music’s done.”

Deftones released their seventh album Koi No Yokan in November 2012 and the band will hope that it’s follow-up will be able to match its success, with Koi No Yokan reaching No 11 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and making the Top 30 of the UK Albums Chart.

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