‘Leave Home 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’ by Ramones (Album)

Leave Home 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Ramones: one of the most recognisable bands of all time

This three-CD/one-LP Deluxe Edition features a 40th anniversary mix, a remastered version of the original mix, rarities, and unreleased recordings

Leave Home 40th Anniversary Deluxe EditionFollowing the success of last year’s 40th anniversary edition of the Ramones’ self-titled debut album, Rhino are treating us to a deluxe edition of the band’s follow-up Leave Home. Still revered as a classic album, Leave Home is 30 minutes of no messing punk rock and bubblegum pop. It is a mix that defined the Ramones’ sound. The album also produced some of their most famous songs, like Pinhead and California Sun.

The Ramones are often considered to be one of the first punk bands. Their musical style, stage presence and attitude influenced the likes of Malcolm McLaren, The Sex Pistols and The Clash. It was the Ramones’ insistence to have their records speeded up to match the velocity of their live shows, that helped shape the punk sound. And with their matching leather jackets and straight-fringe haircuts; the band’s cartoony nature made them one of the most recognisable bands of all time.

Fans and collectors alike will love this release. It is a real treat, as it not only includes the original album on CD, but a 40th anniversary mix on CD and vinyl. The 40th anniversary mixes have been created from the original multitrack tapes by original engineer Ed Stasium. The new mixes are designed to reflect the Ramones’ raw power and fatten the sound.

The package also includes a live recording from a gig the band played in 1977, at the famous CBGB. The venue staged the Ramones’ very first shows, and the two have become entwined in music folklore. There are also rough mixes, unreleased material and extras, including the single Sheena Is A Punk Rocker.

No follower of punk can credibly call themselves a fan of the genre if they don’t have an affection for the Ramones. And if you like the Ramones you’re going to absolutely love this 40th anniversary edition of their brilliant sophomore LP.

Verdict: A treat for fans and collectors – the songs still sound fresh 40 years on

David Chrzanowski

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