Chumbawamba film close to completion


Chumbawamba: singing a capella at the Rudolstadt Festival in 2012. Pic: Schorle/Wikimedia Commons

‘Tubthumping’ was one of the hits of the 90s, but what was it like to be part of the band?

Chumbawamba’s lead singer Dunstan Bruce has revealed that the long awaited film about the band is nearing completion. In 2015, Bruce began a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the documentary, I Get Knocked Down: The Untold Story Of Chumbawamba. The film goes back to the start of the band’s story, and is told from the members’ point of view.

It was 1997 when Chumbawamba scored their biggest hit with Tubthumping. The lyrics were catchy and memorable. Dance floors would come alive as people flung themselves around, frantically pogoing and singing. It was football terrace culture being bought into the nightclubs. But the political theme of the song is still lost on many people who think it’s simply a drinking anthem.

It’s taken some time to put the film together, but Bruce revealed that he will be going into the editing suite this year to finish the film and put an ending to it. And according to Bruce the film will feature the 2018 tour of his new band, Interrobang.

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