Classic Of The Week: Shallow


“There was a boy I knew, he kind of looked like you”

This week’s classic is a shoegaze masterpiece from the most underrated band of all-time. Songwriting Magazine hope you enjoy it

You’ll find this song in our Songs In The Key Of… Shoegaze feature, but it’s so good that we simply couldn’t resist making it our classic of the week.

Made by Kansas trio Shallow, Slowdrone is a shoegaze masterpiece. Starting with a considered and moody bass, and Julie Shields’ magnificent, effortlessly sweet vocals, it builds into a fuzzy ridden alt-pop triumph before melting into one of the most brilliant closing sections committed to record.

While many acts have an honourable claim to being the most underrated band of all-time, Shallow is the nomination of this writer. We hope Slowdrone brings you as much joy as it has to us and implore you to check out the album it features on, High Flyin’ Kid Stuff.

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