‘The Things I Should’ by Maria Kelly (EP)

Maria Kelly ‘The Things I Should’ EP artwork
Maria Kelly

Maria Kelly: “These four songs are written about four different personal experiences”

After releasing a string of singles, Maria Kelly brings honesty and ethereal vibes to the table on her debut EP

Maria Kelly 'The Things I Should' EP artworkAll of the songs on The Things I Should have a common theme: Maria Kelly’s struggle with self-expression. As Kelly states: “These four songs are written about four different personal experiences, where a lack of honest expression at the outset had created a much bigger problem in the long run.”

Kelly’s fragile voice is always out of reach, soaring above the finger-picked guitar and string section, finding its own place within the songs. Every track builds into an atmospheric tangle, the string arrangements perfectly complementing the intangible vocals.

Far Below, the first single from the EP, is the standout song of The Things I Should. It begins with a guitar and Kelly’s brittle vocals, before the band kicks in and the song elevates to another plane.

Growing up in the Irish county of Mayo, Kelly has been writing songs since she was 10 years old. Perhaps because of this, the songs on The Things I Should are crafted to the point where this could be her third or fourth EP. It will be intriguing to hear Kelly’s ethereal indie-folk on a full length album in the future.

Verdict: Fragile indie-folk

Toby Sligo

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