EXCLUSIVE! ‘A Thousand Cuts’ by Chuck McDermott

Chuck McDermott
Chuck McDermott

Today’s exclusive is from the superb, Chuck McDermott . Image by Kelly Davidson

Today’s exclusive song comes courtesy of a US Americana singer-songwriter with nearly fifty years of experience in the music industry

He began in the 1970s’ with Chuck McDermott and Wheatstraw, before forming alt-country act Chuck McDermott Band in the early 1980s’. But perhaps the most interesting thing about US Americana singer-songwriter Chuck McDermott is his work spent tackling environmental, energy and climate change as Congressman Joe Kennedy II’s Chief of Staff.

Now, though, McDermott is back in the music industry. And as he releases his new album, Gin & Rosewater, we are today giving you exclusive access to his brand new track A Thousand Cuts.

Of the song, McDermott says: “If you hang around the hoop long enough, you can’t help but see patterns in the way we live our lives. I was thinking about one way that plays out when I wrote A Thousand Cuts.

Continuing: “The song is an exploration on all the ways we can inflict – or feel – emotional pain. Some caused by cruelty, some misunderstanding, some thoughtlessness. Sometimes it’s all in the head or the heart of the person who feels wronged by a random innocuous act or statement by another that rips the scab off of some old wound.

Adding: “What’s interesting to me is how often and easily it happens. And for many, the cumulative effect of feeling wronged – or of being constantly accused of inflicting wrong – becomes overwhelming. It feels like dying from a thousand cuts.”

He’s been likened to Steve Earle, Jason Isbell and Tom Petty. We also think that fans of John Mellencamp and Joe Walsh will enjoy his music. As always, though, listen below and decide for yourselves…

Like that? Then find Chuck McDermott on Twitter and Facebook, or at his official website.

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  1. John Castellari

    I have not yet listened to the song but already I love this guy the way he describes a thousand cuts…”fiat lux”..

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